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BRAHMA TIRTA SARI (BTS) is considered one of the leading fine art batik studios in Indonesia. Batik workshops range from master classes to batik appreciation courses both for groups and individuals. Specific age appropriate and curriculum modes can be developed as required.

Basic Curriculum

Introduction to equipment & materials
Hand batik
Cap batik
Dye techniques with systems of napthol and indigo sol
Wax Removal

For longer workshops

Historical background of batik
Batik of the regions of Indonesia
Symbolism of traditional Javanese batik

Additional Tours Available

Traditional Batik Village
Natural Dyes
Yogyakarta Batik Tour


Students can design and order caps to be used during the workshop. Pricing and time requirements are available

CONTACT US: Ds. Tegal Cerme KD. V , RT. 08/14, Banguntapan, Yogyakarta 55197, INDONESIA, Telp./Fax. 62-274-377881, email:,




















Children of all ages

love batik! Age

appropriate activities

include batik and cap with

tools and supervision

geared to the age of

the children. BTS

has conducted workshops

with children of 5 years








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